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Welcome to the heart of Montana fly fishing! We are located mid way between Ennis and West Yellowstone right in the middle of the world famous "fifty mile riffle". Raynolds Pass and Three Dollar Bridge are five minutes away, while the Henry's Fork and Yellowstone National Park are forty minutes away (click on maps).

The Madison River offers anglers of all skill levels an opportunity to catch wild trout- there are no stocked fish here! Whether you are fishing to rising fish during an evening Caddis emergence, beating the banks with Hoppers, or nymphing the best looking riffle, then this is the river for you. While we offer guided trips on the Yellowstone, Missouri, and other fisheries, the Madison is admittedly our first love. Whether in a drift boat or walking the banks, let our professional guide staff show you this amazing fishery.

Guide Service

We offer guided fly-fishing trips on the Madison, Missouri, Gallatin, Ruby, Jefferson, and Yellowstone Rivers. Guided trips in Yellowstone National Park can be accommodated by booking through Arrick's Fly Shop in West Yellowstone. Our trips on the Madison, Missouri, Jefferson, and Yellowstone Rivers are float trips in McKenzie style drift boats; however, we also do wade trips on the Madison. All trips on the Gallatin, Ruby, and Yellowstone Park are wade trips. All trips to the Yellowstone River or Yellowstone Park require an additional $25.00 per trip.

2006 Rates:

     Full Day: $365.00  
     Half-Day (wade only): $240.00 (4 � hrs. only)
     Evening Caddis Hatch: $195.00 (6:00 to 9:30 p.m.)

All trips require a 50% deposit which is refundable only up to 30 days prior to trip date. Guide trips are not cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather. The rate includes transportation, lunch, drinks, and your first 6 flies. All additional flies, terminal tackle, license, and gratuity are not included in the fee.


There are many different options available to you. Please visit the links page for some of them. Also, please give a call and let us help you if you have any additional questions. We have all-inclusive packages in June, September, and October. These all-inclusive packages include 5 nights lodging and 2 days guided fishing (1 or 2 anglers, 1 motel room, 1 or 2 beds) for $965.00 plus room tax (about $25.00).

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Guides and Philosophy

    This will be my 11th season guiding in the area. Although all of the waters that we fish are outstanding, the Madison is admittedly my first love. There is something for everyone on the Madison River, regardless of skill level. I have many clients with great fishing skills, and enjoy fishing them very much; however, the most rewarding aspect of this job is to teach people to fly-fish. To take beginners and show them the river, to teach them entymology, how to handle and release fish properly, to watch them learn how to cast, to see all of these things come together is what it is all about to me.

    Ricci is a school teacher by profession. She has great enthusiasm and is without a doubt the most accomplished woman fly-fisher I have ever seen. All half-day, walk trips, and evening Caddis trips are done by her. When she isn't working, you guessed it, she's fishing on the Madison with "Bruiser."

We operate with the philosophy that the resource must be respected and cared for at all times. All trips, regardless of state regulations, are "catch and release." All fish will be handled as little as possible (only in the water), revived, and then gently released (whitefish included). We can show you how to photograph a fish without harm so you can capture a few memories of your trip with us.

Our Season:

Although there is some great fishing in March and April that we can show you, our season really gets going on the 3rd Saturday in May when the upper Madison opens for the year. Soetimes the water can be a little high but very productive. If by chance it is off-color there are other options available to us. Most years the Madison is fairly clear on opening day and for about the next week before the runoff begins. Beginning about June 1st until about the 15th the river is generaly off color. Our season will run until mid-October. I get asked frequently 'when is the best time to come', the answer is 'there isn't a bad time to come', which leads us to our next paragraph.

The Hatches:

Generally speaking the largest crowds are in July; however, the largest emergances are in July. The Salmonflies and Hydropsyche Caddis start about the last week in June, as well as PMD's. The Salmonflies will move up river and will be done around the 4th of July. The Hydropsyches will continue through July and slowly wane until about August 10th. There are some incredible evening emergances throughout the month of July. The PMD's will last until about mid-July. The Epeorus will be consistent throughout July and into August. When August rolls around there is some great Hopper fishing which lasts into September. When the frosts come so do the Midges and Baetis which we fish into October. As we all know so much is dependant upon the weather. If it gets a little cold and overcast anytime in the season we will have some great Baetis fishing-very warm in early July we will have graet Hopper fishing etc. etc. The weather in June and September can be cold, but there are fewer anglers. There are fewer anglers in August and fewer still in September and definitely in October. As far as the July crowds are concerned, the river is not over-crowded, also we have some areas that we like that have fewer anglers than the more popular accesses.

Fall Packages:

We offer packages in September and October: 5 nights lodging and 2 days guided fishing on the Madison River, 1 or 2 anglers for $975.00. On the guided days lunch is provided, as well as transportation. Flies, License, Terminal Tackle, and Gratuity are extra.